Syllabus: Islamic Business Law

The Islamic Law Teaching Project houses collections of syllabi and other teaching material for Islamic law courses taught primarily in law schools of the US and UK. This syllabus is from Professor Mohammad Fadel at New York University, School of Law. This course will provide an overview of the theoretical doctrines that give rise to Islamic finance … Continue reading Syllabus: Islamic Business Law

Commentary: Religious Opinions within Civil Discourse

By Professor Mohammad Fadel (University of Toronto, Faculty of Law) In a recent attempt to control religious discourse in Egypt, the chairperson of Egypt’s Supreme Media Regulatory Council (al-majlis al-aʿlā li-tanẓīm al-iʿlām), Makram Muhammad Ahmad, announced that only 50 people would be permitted to give an opinion (fatwā) pertaining to Islamic law. According to various … Continue reading Commentary: Religious Opinions within Civil Discourse