In the News: Ḥalāl Food

A few weeks ago, Germany's Interior Ministry apologized after serving pork at a conference on Islam in Berlin. Most of the attendees at the conference were apparently Muslim, and under Islamic law, pork is not considered permissible (ḥalāl) to eat. Like other aspects of Islamic law, there are some differences among Islamic legal scholars (and … Continue reading In the News: Ḥalāl Food

Recent Scholarship: Jaraba on Divorce

A recent article in Islamic Law and Society on "The Practice of Khulʿ in Germany: Pragmatism versus Conservativism," by Mahmoud Jaraba, examines how Muslim women who are religiously-married in Germany might initiate no-fault divorce in the absence of a German registered civil marriage. Because there is no Muslim state authority to consult, local imams and … Continue reading Recent Scholarship: Jaraba on Divorce